Design Services

RIOTECH specializes in complex railroad signal design solutions that ensure the safety, effectiveness, and compliance of your signal project.

Our design team supports numerous transit authorities, commuter lines, public agencies, class I railroads, short line railroads, and industrial facilities at thousands of signalized locations nationwide.

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Our expertise:

  • Highway-rail grade crossing warning systems
  • Wayside signal and train control systems
  • Application software development and design
  • Inductive loop-based detection designs
  • Quiet zone design
  • Industrial crossings and facility support
  • Traffic signal preemption interface solutions

Design Solutions and Services

Our team of engineers designs system solutions for diverse clients, including:

  • Transit Authorities
  • Commuter Lines
  • Public Agencies
  • Class I Railroads
  • Short Line Railroads
  • Industrial Facilities

We design solutions tailored to your needs and the regulatory environment in which you must operate. As a full-service firm, we take these designs and rapidly implement them during the build phase, reducing the potential for mistakes and errors by eliminating handoffs—you can always rest assured that the designs created will be built by experts we work with every day.

Our signal and engineering services process includes

  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Phased Delivery
  • Final Design
  • Build
  • Installation

Our suite of services includes:

  • Professional signal and train control engineering services.
  • Design and technical support for highway-rail grade crossings and railroad interlockings. 
  • Comprehensive design-to-maintenance services for train-to-wayside communication systems. 
  • Development of applications, logic writing, and testing for vital controllers.
  • Specification, technical writing, and submittal management. 
  • Estimates and proposal development. 
  • Project oversight services.
  • Installation and cut-in support service.

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