Comprehensive RIoT™ Services for Freight and Transit Agencies

Technology Solutions

Rio Grande Pacific Technology (RIOTECH) provides signal engineering design, technology software and solutions to transit agencies, freight railroads and short line railroads across the United States. RGP Technology delivers comprehensive, modern solutions based on three decades of operation and technical experience.

RIOTECH’s vision is be the preferred choice in advanced technology services solutions for the Railway Industry.

We continually research, integrate and deploy Far-Edge solutions to deliver improved rail network velocity, data insights and enhanced bottom-line performance.

Harnessing the power of our Railway Internet of Things (RIoT™) platform, our clients receive real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dashboard performance metrics, predictive analytics and reporting insight.

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Our Services Include

Signal Engineering Solutions

RIOTECH provides design, programming and support for railway signal systems.  Design services include highway grade crossings and railroad interlockings, route and aspect charts and control lines.  Our team is skilled in processor programming in various formats  through our vendors. We can provide factory testing, field testing, training, specification writing and bill of materials on our projects. Our team of engineers and CADD technicians have the experience  and qualifications to successfully deliver a project on time and in budget.

Track circuit monitoring and mitigation

Real-time detection of track anomalies such as loss-of-shunt or degrading track conditions; interface directly with wayside systems to enhance safety. Active alerting allow a more proactive approach to track maintenance

Advanced dashboard and analytics offering a simplified view of the Railroad’s health

Comprehensive monitoring of everything, from crew starts and rail anomalies to advanced network monitoring and the overall health of the rail network, gives agencies transparency that KPI’s on each line are being met.

End-to-end infrastructure back office support

RIOTECH offers hybrid solutions and software from partners like Wabtec, RMI, MaxAccel, and RailComm. We manage two separate data centers as well as a significant cloud computing platform.

Wayside network infrastructure installation and maintenance

Railway network resilience has never been more critical with the advent of PTC. RioTech designs and maintains ruggedized, fault-tolerant systems for our customers.

Passenger and wayside Wi-Fi infrastructure design and implementation

Private Wi-Fi networks available to passengers and crewman that can be accessed on trains and station platforms via 4G LTE networks.

CCTV installation and maintenance services

IP camera implementation and deployments on yard and wayside, mobile device support, safety/security compliance.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure Design and Implementation

RIOTECH uses the latest networking technologies to provide high-speed internet infrastructure on-board and at the station to ensure safe and enjoyable journeys for passengers. Powerful Wi-Fi access points enable our ridership and crewmen to access secure and reliable connectivity to keep them up and running.

RIOTECH utilizes wayside Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide connectivity to call boxes that access VoIP cloud-managed phone systems. Gigabit Ethernet and wireless solutions enable the use of IP cameras, providing seamless video data transmissions for safety and security compliance. Reliable Wi-Fi connections are a necessity for allowing crewman to utilize our business intelligence dashboards and generating data on departure and arrival times, passenger counts, and other key performance indicators pertaining to passenger railways.

Our team strives to deliver comprehensive solutions with leading-edge technology to enhance safety, security, operations, and passenger amenities. Our innovative software and solutions are backed by three decades of operation and technical experience, and we guarantee personalized service to meet your railway’s needs.

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