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RIOTECH provides high-quality products for railroad and traffic interconnection applications. We are an industry leader in designing and implementing railroad and highway crossing solutions.

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RMD a RIoTTM Device

Remote Monitoring Device

The Remote Monitoring Device (RMD) is a wayside device to be installed inside railroad equipment enclosures.

Targeted alerts enable responders to confirm a malfunction and prepare prior to departure, increasing effectiveness and reducing time to resolution.

Running on Windows or Linux operating systems, the RMD’s high-powered CPU platform meets railroad and traffic industry compliance standards for software operation.

4 expansion bays allow additional modules to be added, customizing the RMD to application needs.


  • Remote access
  • Built-in storage up to 128GB
  • Built-in email, MMS, and SMS alerting system
  • Integrated GPS with autoswitching internal/external antenna support
  • WiFi support
  • Built-in internal speaker with expansion audio support
  • Built-in bungalow/case temperature monitoring
  • B-2 relay mounting package
  • 16 programmable LEDs for quick and easy status viewing
  • Backlist color touchscreen
  • AREMA compliant

x-RPSTM Railroad Preemption System Solution

  • NEMA compliant
  • Easy installation in existing traffic signal cabinets replaces need for bulky preemption relay panels
  • Provides combination of enhanced isolated circuits to improve safety while meeting industry best practices
  • Improves traffic signal operation and efficiency during railroad preemption
  • Additional safety layer for grade crossing preemption operation
    • Simplified programming for configuration
    • Solid state technology
    • Configurable for single-break or double-break railroad interconnection and for two track clearance intervals


  • Supports advance, advance pedestrian, simultaneous, gate down, and traffic signal health
  • Track clearance, maximum preemption, track extension, and track clearance safe guard timers
  • Programmable train simulator to perform system field tests
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamp validation for event logging
  • x-RPS Expansion generates a 12 V dc isolated signal that provides traffic signal health status to railroad equipment

Vital Loop Based System Solution

Current, state of the art digital loop processing technology combined with railroad standard vital monitoring techniques and a unique self-check function provide consistent and reliable detection. In addition, expanded user-selectable features provide flexibility in set-up, operation, and performance of your loop processor.

Wayside Horn System Solution

  • Complies with all requirements of 49 CFR Part 222, Appendix E
  • Provides one-for-one replacement for train horn at any highway-rail grade crossing, independent of quiet zone classifications eliminating the need for supplemental safety measure
  • Enhances safety by providing supplemental audible warning for crossings with unique situations, such as higher train speeds
  • Self-contained system in modular package reducing space requirements
  • Simulated train horn sound in the direction of oncoming vehicle traffic at the crossing, eliminating the need for a train to sound its horn


  • Easy-to-use menu driven controller simplifies setup and operational testing
  • Configurable horn extends final blow to accommodate site specific conditions
  • Feedback microphone verifies output decibel level
  • Confirmation beacon provides visual operational status of system to train crew

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