Wi-Fi Infrastructure Design and Implementation


RIOTECH uses Cisco Meraki networking technologies to provide high speed internet infrastructure on-board and at the station to ensure safe and enjoyable journeys for passengers. Powerful Wi-Fi access points enable our ridership and crewmen to access secure and reliable connectivity to keep them up and running.

RIOTECH utilizes wayside Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide connectivity to call boxes that access VoIP cloud managed phone systems. Gigabit Ethernet and wireless solutions enable the use of IP cameras, providing seamless video data transmissions for safety and security compliance. Reliable Wi-Fi connections are a necessity for allowing crewman to utilize our business intelligence dashboards and generating data on departure and arrival times, passenger counts, and other key performance indicators pertaining to passenger railways.

Our team strives to deliver comprehensive solutions with leading-edge technology to enhance safety, security, operations, and passenger amenities. Our innovative software and solutions are backed by three decades of operation and technical experience, and we guarantee personalized service to meet your railway’s needs.


Business Development Contacts:

Curtis Oelmann
Director of I.T.
Email: coelmann@riotechnology.com
Phone: (817) 909-5822


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Fort Worth, Texas 76109
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