Rio Grande Pacific Technology, Inc and CTC, Inc. Consolidating Under RIOTECH Brand

In order to better serve their customers and provide a higher-quality, more-efficient service offering, CTC, Inc. and Rio Grande Pacific Technology, Inc will be consolidating under the RIOTECH brand; and will focus on offerings critical to Railroad Signal and Communication Systems Design and Consulting, Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Warning Systems (HRGCWS) Engineering Design, Systems Installation and Maintenance, and advancement of the RIoT (Railway Internet-of-Things) platform.

CTC, Inc. and RIOTECH currently offer a variety of services and are able to provide critical support to a broad range of customers, continually leading the rail industry with innovative offerings, solutions and cutting-edge technology. 

“CTC, Inc. employees set the standard in improving railroad crossing safety over the last decade plus. We now need to become even more intentional with our railway control systems safety approach” said Greg Hackbarth, President & CEO of RIOTECH. “We feel this consolidation will better reflect our values, core-competencies, improve customer relationships and provide right-time solutions”.

“Moving forward, RIOTECH will offer an even higher level of project related services by combining expertise from CTC, Inc. and RIOTECH into a single cohesive team”.

RIOTECH has always been an innovative engineering firm and CTC, Inc. has consistently been viewed as a trailblazer in the industry—the new focus on signal engineering, railway systems integration, digital transformation, and related works mark a new era for RIOTECH and ensures necessary resources and capacity to focus deeply on those services most critical to the rail industry in the new decade.


Rio Grande Pacific Technology (RIOTECH) harnesses over 130 years of combined operational and technical experience to create signal engineering design and technology software solutions for our customers, focusing especially on the development of the Railway Internet of Things (RIoT).

RIOTECH develops innovative, turnkey solutions to the challenges faced by transit agencies, freight railroads, and short line railroads across the United States that:

  • Enhance safety
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Elevate our clients’ bottom line
  • Strengthen our clients’ operating performance through analytics and reporting capabilities

RIOTECH is known for its tenacity and willingness to find simple solutions to incredibly complex problems, even when other firms give up. Their customer service and commitment to quality are unmatched in the rail industry.

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