Signal Engineering Solutions

RIOTECH provides a variety of custom railroad signal services from concept through final validation. Design services include highway grade crossings and railroad interlockings, route and aspect charts and control lines, as well as applications logic writing and testing for vital controllers.The staff at RIOTECH has extensive experience with grade crossings, interlockings, light rail, commuter rail, freight, and international rail.

Our team is skilled in programming:

  • VHLC
  • ElectrologiXS
  • XP4
  • Electrocode
  • Microlok
  • Microtrax
  • Genisys
  • GCP4000
  • iVPI
  • Genracode
  • Siemens S7
  • Hanning and Kahl 
  • VeCom

We know what to do for your project.

Additionally, RIOTECH owns multiple VitalSim licenses for the graphical simulation of these applications.

Our engineers and technicians have decades of wide-ranging experience as railway signal engineers, CADD technicians, designers, and drafters. Our knowledgeable staff can provide factory testing, field testing, training, specification writing, and bills of materials.

Other areas of support:

  • Value Engineering
  • Estimating
  • Specification and Submittal Management and Review
  • Installation and Cut-in Support
  • Design and Programming of “Train to Wayside” Communications Systems
  • Software Management Control Plans for Compliance with FRA Rule 236.18
  • Peer Review
  • Technical Writing

Business Development Contacts:

Rob Burkhardt
Vice-President of Engineering
Phone: (502) 805-1044 ext. 4001


108 S Madison Ave Ste 200
Louisville, KY 40243


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