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Innovative Railway Solutions


Freight, commuter, and transit signal and train control engineering solutions that ensure the safety, effectiveness, and compliance of your design project.

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Turnkey electrical and wiring solutions via our onsite electronic assembly facility (EAF). Our system solutions are assembled by expert wiring technicians.

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Signal installation and construction project management. Our capabilities have met the needs of Class I railroads, short lines, commuter rail lines, and private facilities.

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Regular inspection, maintenance, and testing prevent unexpected costs and ensure compliance readiness when you work with public agencies.

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Technology Solutions

Cloud-based predictive analytics
Advanced data management and storage
Network and communications engineering
Information technology services
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Predictive-maintenance services

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About Us

Innovative, Turnkey Solutions

Rio Grande Pacific Technology (RIOTECH) harnesses over 130 years of combined operational and technical experience to create signal engineering design and technology software solutions for our customers.

We develop innovative, turnkey solutions to the challenges faced by transit agencies, freight railroads, and short line railroads across the United States that:

  • Enhance safety
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Elevate our clients’ bottom line
  • Strengthen our clients’ operating performance through analytics and reporting capabilities

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The RIOTECH Difference

Access The Industry’s Leading Experts

Our team of industry experts possess vast experience, imagination, and talent, integrating these qualities to create innovative single-vendor solutions.


John Spellman, P.E., MIRSE

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Jason S. Brown

Chief Information Officer

Dan Fregia

VP Operations

Rob Burkhardt, P.E., MIRSE

VP Engineering


Systems Engineer

Signal Construction Crewman